Company Profile

The Emülzer®  Approach..

Emülzer® started up as a manufacturer of waterproofing products in mid 30s when the young Turkish Republic was ambitiously laying the foundations of industry. It was the dream of this Turkish firm as well to become a part of this achievement by proving itself as a strong, reliable, professional business in future.

Today, heading for and reaching new milestones with its dedicated employees, satisfied customers, and honored suppliers, Emülzer embraces its valued legacy as well as looking to a brilliant future.

Catering for its vision "to be the leader of liquid waterproofing technology" Emülzer® also delivers the promise of turning the satisfaction of its employees, suppliers, and customers into the well-being of the whole society.

Approach to Customer...

Emulzer® believes in a customer-centered and value-focused marketing notion. Always trying to understand the needs of its customers, it looks to develop products targeting to meet and exceed their expectations, and create value for them.

•    It manufactures easy-to-apply products for the customers' convenience enabling them to save money, time and labor.

•    It consistently follows improvement policies for its products and services.

•    It is capable to develop a wide range of innovative, high quality products thanks to its R&D department.

•    It is very selective about raw materials and strictly avoids using defective or low quality ingredients.

•    Its quality is certified with TSE and ISO 9001 standards.

•    It offers continuous technical support to its customers.

•    Product liability insurance covers any damage which may occur in spite of following instructions.

•    On-time and complete delivery is one of the basic service principles of Emulzer.

•    It is always considerate in listening to recommendations, advices, or complaints of customers.

•    It aids dealers, wholesalers, home improvement markets and other vendors in marketing its products and provides them with product literature as well as training programs and technical support.

•    It contributes to the growth of the market and the improvement of the industry as a founder and member in trade associations.

•    It looks to and encourages sound, frank, and effective communication and interaction.

Approach to Society..

Emülzer® believes in the key role each and every individual plays in the well-being of his or her country and community. And businesses are no exception. That's why Emülzer®:

•    Consistently changes, improves, and grows.

•    Respects and values society.

•    Understands work ethics.

•    Complies with the laws and regulations.

•    Competes very fairly.

•    Contributes to Turkish economy by exportation as a 100%local firm.

•    Contributes to the investment and employment capability of Turkish economy, thanks to its solid equity capital.

•    Represents both its industry and country in the best way by attending international trade shows.